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Tokyo Electrics

Tokyo Electrics is an engineering and manufacturing enterprise. The company produces a variety of electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment for various sectors, including transmission, transportation, oil and gas, and other allied industries.

Due to the onset of the pandemic, the employees of Tokyo Electrics had to work from home. The new shift made it difficult for them to work together, from different locations. Presently, we would require a Project Management tool that will help the teams to work from home more efficiently. Better collaborative tools, presentation tools, screen time regulation, and recreation tools could help the employees have a more productive Work from Home experience.

Tokyo Electrics aims to minimize the damages to the environment from their end. The organization strives to restructure itself as a Green Company. TE is looking out for methods to minimize the use of plastic in their commodities, use renewable sources of energy in the manufacturing plants, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Tokyo Electronics has partnered with a small-scale agro-based enterprise to promote its development. However, the collaboration has not really proved beneficial to the small enterprise. The enterprise cannot invest large capital directly or indirectly in high-scale machinery. To help them out, Tokyo Electronics wants to put forward cost-effective alternatives for advanced machinery to deliver similar efficiency.

Tokyo Electronics Hospital caters to the employees of TE and other residents of the city. Anyone can visit doctors with a prior scheduled appointment and get the prescribed medication. There are no charges for the employees and their families of Tokyo Electronics. However, a fee is charged to the non-employees visiting the hospital. TE is planning to implement an efficient registration portal for the hospital (by means of an app or website). The company wants a database management system that clearly shows the medical records of each employee visiting TEH.

Berlin Motors

Berlin Motors is a South German multinational automobile manufacturer. The corporation is actively involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. Berlin Motors is the first company in town to start electric cars.

Initially the sales of the company escalated pretty fast. But due to problems like difficult access to electric ports and the long duration to charge the car battery, their sales went down. The company is trying to introduce new methods to automatically charge the car without stopping.

The employees at Berlin Motors face a long-standing issue of shortage of parking spaces. Vehicles continue to outnumber existing parking spaces, thus clogging roads. The corporation has been trying to implement smarter alternatives for a more efficient parking system in the premises.

After the introduction of AI/ML in the car industry the demand for automated cars has risen. To be the leading supplier in the automatic car industry Berlin Motors has tried new edge technology. However, this requires a lot of research and development effort leading to increased prices and still prone to functionality errors. The team at BM firm is working hard to strike a balance in terms of advancements in automated cars, minimum error and the price to suit people.

One of the competitors of Berlin Motors recently encountered a cyber invasion into their infrastructure. Cyber thieves use a variety of techniques, including attacks on critical infrastructure, industrial espionage, phishing emails, and drive-by downloads, which can result in faulty goods, production downtime, the theft of sensitive information, and more. The IT Department at Berlin Motors is under real pressure to compile a secure system that can protect the company from any such cyber threat/attack.

Denver Travel Co.

Denver Travel Co. is a private retailer that provides travel and tourism-related services to the tourists in Colorado. However, DTC wants to make positive changes and make the experience of tourists more safe and memorable.

Most of the tourists prefer to visit distant and geographically popular sites in Colorado. The locations are far from urban settlements. At times, tourists get separated from the group and cannot find their way back. The owner of Denver Travel Co. is looking for a dedicated device powered by solar energy to guide the tourists in remote areas by using offline map navigation and GPS.

Very recently, there has been an increase in the number of female tourists in Colorado. Many women have complained about feeling insecure with certain natives of the place. DTC plans to provide women with a wearable safety device whose supporting hardware is connected with central authorities of the city.

Colorado is prone to frequent natural calamities. To ensure the safety of tourists and natives, Denver Travel Co. in collaboration with the city municipality aims to install a network of end nodes in hilly terrain areas prone to landslides that can detect any aberrant behaviour of the terrains signalling a landslide utilising the hills' vibration, land shift, and rainfall data, and then inform the central node via long-range RF.

At times tourists in Colorado dine out at varied food joints. Some tourists are fussy, very particular about their food choices and its quality. DTC is looking for a smart device to check food adulteration so that people can steer clear of unhealthy and harmful food.

Moscow Pharma Ltd.

Moscow Pharma Ltd. is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation. The firm develops, manufactures, and markets medicines or pharmaceutical drugs for usage as medications to be delivered (or self-administered) to patients in order to cure, vaccinate, or relieve symptoms.

The everyday activities of the company generate a considerable amount of solid waste. The MPL committee is looking at installing an Automatic Solid Waste Collection Alert System, as well as the necessary software and hardware. An automated garbage collecting system made up of autonomous dustbins that may collect rubbish at predetermined times from preset locations and provide real-time notifications to a central node regarding the dustbins' current capacity.

The increasing traffic jams in the city are extremely inconvenient and contribute to urban air pollution. Moscow Pharma Ltd. experiences delivery delays and loses productivity as a result of these issues. Bottlenecks slow emergency vehicles, potentially putting lives at danger. MPL in alliance with the state governor wants to put together a smart traffic management system to curb the issues.

Moscow Pharma Ltd. distributes its supplies to a large number of chemists, hospitals and Drug Dispensing Outlets. Due to the COVID restrictions, MPL has been approached by these retailers to help for quicker and safer delivery of medicines and essentials to citizens, hospitals and medical outlets.

Few board of directors of Moscow Pharma Ltd. are the members of the Managing Committee of the High School in the city. The pandemic shut all the schools, restricting teachers and students to their homes. They need to come up with a more smart and effective online class interface to help students learn more constructively.

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